The Start of Spectrum

Spectrum Salon Services began in 2004, during a time of transition in the professional beauty distribution business. Small local distributors were being brought up by large corporations looking to dominate the wholesale salon product market, compromising the personal nature of the industry.

After Lee Rona Beauty Supply (a long standing staple in the San Diego market) was purchased by one of these corporations, a group of employees led by Phyllis Strauss decided to stay in the business, but chose not to work for such a company. It was then that Spectrum was born.

Since then, Spectrum has enjoyed steady growth as a boutique distributor. We remain focused on our relationship with the stylist, the salon and the brands we represent, as opposed to an exhaustive array of products. We have worked to streamline our portfolio of brands to fit specific niches within the industry. This way, we are able to address the needs of any salon or stylist. We believe in education, and have an easily accessible classroom facility, to fully showcase our brands with educational support.

As a small, localized distributor, we are able to customize our service and support to suit the needs of our clients. We are looking to build partnerships with our salons, not just to sell products. We pride ourselves on the relationships we have built over the years, and look forward to building many more in the future.

For More Information

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